Pangea - Infrared Deep Heat Projector 50w, 75w, 100w



Pangea Reptile is proud to offer our Advanced Infrared Deep Heat Projector. Our own lab testing has proven these bulbs to burn longer and produce more heat per watt than similar DHPs. These lamps are also designed specifically for USA outlets and voltage. Pangea has also taken the care to create stronger sturdier packaging to better handle rough shipments and get your lamp to you intact. Our Advanced Carbon Fiber filament emits both Infrared A and Infrared B mimicking the natural heat from the sun. The wavelengths penetrate deep into your reptile's tissues rather than just warming the surface of their scales. The advanced heat projection will not evaporate water as quickly as standard heating lamps helping you maintain the humidity in your enclosure and helping to prevent dehydration. We are using precision manufacturing to give a higher quality bulb that is more durable and will provide a long bulb life.

Key Features

  • Emits both Infrared A and Infrared B wavelengths for deep tissue penetration
  • Carbon fiber filament will last longer while emitting heat 24/7
  • Silicone cover helps to protect your bulb from damage and your hands from burns
  • Heavy-duty construction offers higher durability and more longevity
  • Parabolic reflector focuses heatwaves for optimal basking conditions

The Advanced Infrared Deep Heat Projector offers 24/7 heat with minimal visible light and zero UV emission. The projector is for ceramic fixtures only like the ZooMed Deep Dome Lamp Fixture, ZooMed Wire Cage Clamp, Lamp ZooMed Clamp Lamp Fixture,  or the Zilla Ceramic Dome Lamp Fixture.

Always use a thermostat to control the output of a Deep Heat Projector. 

Pangea - Infrared Deep Heat Projector 50w, 75w, 100w
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