Tamura Designs Arboreal Conversion Kit for 10 Gallon Aquarium, specifically designed for geckos and other arboreal animals.

Please note that the tank is not included with this kit.


Have you seen these before? 

Do others sell them? 

Answer: YES  but we just made improvements and cosmetically made them look professional and better.

1. 1/4” cast acrylic

2.stainless steel screws

3.heavy duty hinges and keyed latches

4.deep substrate area

5. Laser cut vents. 

Key Points:

1. Hinges are not glued on (fall off)

    We tap and thread  with stainless steel screws

2. We hate those ugly flap type latches 

      Ours is keyed and actually a latch!

3. When we design we keep in mind functionality,

     Good husbandry for your animals, and most of all

     Design and makes them cosmetically beautiful like

an art piece.

 Before placing your order, PLEASE measure the opening of your tank to ensure a proper fit. The dimensions of the kit are 9 3/4 inches wide x 19 1/2 inches tall, to fit Aquaeon tanks available at major retailers like PETCO If you have a tank with different dimensions, please EMAIL us for customized options must be more then 10 tanks to 

customize without programming fee..

Email: dale@tamura-designs.com

Items you will need for the  conversion kit 

1. Aquarium safe silicone 

2. Paper towels or microfiber towel

3. 10 Gallon fish tank NOT INCLUDED 


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