Arcadia - Jungle Dawn LED BAR 12'', 18'', 22'', 34''
The Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn LED Bar is sleek, bold, powerful and able to deliver the energy that is needed to allow plants to grow by increasing visible light levels within the terraria.  This clever system uses the very latest...
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LED Power Supply - 24W with Dimmer
The Vivarium Electronics MSD-CV-24W LED Power Supply is a high efficiency 12VDC power supply designed to run any combination of VE LED lights up to a total of 24 watts.   Power supply has an inline power switch with dimmer and can be...
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Vivarium Electronics - LED tank/Cage light 6'', 10'' ,22'' ,32'' ,42''
Vivarium Electronics 10" LED Cage Light.  3 Watts.  These low profile lights will add just the right amount of light to your reptile cage.  A very slim profile of 5/8" make them ideal to conceal behind the front lip of...
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LED Modules Kits
12v diy kits  
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