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Mist King - Ultimate Misting System Kit


MistKing 5.0 Ultimate Misting System

New & improved 5th generation fully automated Ultimate Misting System.
Runs up to 20 nozzles.

Improvements for the 5th generation systems include:
Improved Timer Electronics: Timers now have a 3 times higher electronics rating which better equips timers for dealing with power outages and high inductive demand of MistKing pumps.

New nickel-plated brass bulkhead with O-ring. Featuring a fine thread, allowing the nut to be tightened in smaller increments without the fear of stripping.

Reservoir filter. Prevents any debris from being sucked into the system and clogging nozzles. Extends the life of the nozzles.

Each MistKing 5.0 Ultimate System includes:

MistKing Ultimate Pump
Pump power adapter
Three (3) Value T Misting Nozzles
ZipDrip Valve – eliminates post mist drips
Bulkhead with O-ring
25ft of ¼” tubing
Tubing ball valve
Tubing cutter
New Digital Seconds Timer
Reservoir Filter
Tubing clips with screws and optional connectors
Complete instruction manual

Please Note: MistKing Systems do not include reservoir buckets. 

Mist King - Ultimate Misting System Kit
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