Arcadia - E26 Halogen Heat Lamp 50w, 75W, 100W



The Halogen Basking Spot is an ideal supplemental lamp for use in conjunction with self-ballasted mercury vapour reptile lamps or fluorescent reptile lighting. The Arcadia halogen heat spots represent a huge leap forward in the quest to find a source of light and heat that is controllable and is also eco-friendly.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent colour rendition
  • 2.5 / 3 times the life of tungsten filament lamps
  • Splash resistant hard glass construction
  • Dimmable
  • Emits no harmful UV
  • (Not suitable for household room illumination).
  • Dimming
  • Ideal for use with dimming stats.
  • Heat/Light
  • On average provides 30% more heat and light than standard tungsten lamps.
  • Beam
  • Projects a wide beam angle.
  • Arcadia - E26 Halogen Heat Lamp 50w, 75W, 100W
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